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    web para la empresa redoffice, del 2013, viva el pasado!
RedOffice is one stationary store in the 5th region Of Chile, the main goal of this project was to develop a easy system for the users, to buy all the products that they kids need for school, without having to choose every item one by one.
Landing page with the "person" site and the "enterprise" site.
Home persons
Main feature of the site, we develop and design a region picker, where the parents can choose the name of the school and the grade of their kids, and the site automatically create the student list of items.
In this screen the parents can change the brands of the items o remove them in case that they dont want to make some changes to the default list.
Catalogue of items
Single item view, with a selector for the different models or colours.
Shoppping cart
Contact form
Mobile version with only the contact Info as requested by the client.
Store's single view