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Apartment "Persimmon"

Interior Design

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 84 m2 
Year: 2022

The apartment is located in the historical center of Kyiv, a new building.
This is not my first time working with these clients. 10 years ago we did a project of a country house for them. A few years later, clients contacted me again. However, this time with even more confidence.

This Apartment Project, which I call "Persimmon", we did in 2017, and construction work began only in 2019. Then the epidemic stopped work, and only at the end of 2021 this apartment was ready.
This apartment is a gift for the growing daughter of my customers. Therefore, no one was in a hurry to work. It was important for customers to do everything as efficiently and well as possible. We chose the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, when it was not possible to order what was needed, the process was paused and waited for the right moment.
The main problem of the apartment was the rough ceiling height - only 3000. For my clients, who are used to living in a house with rather high ceilings, this fact was important. At the same time, the task was to make the apartment warm in terms of atmosphere, and the style to be lighter and more modern, but at the same time to exclude minimalism. The rest is complete trust.
Initially, the apartment had two balconies, which were not necessary, so we combined these spaces with adjoining premises. But in order to divert attention from the segmental form of the loggia and turn the disadvantage into dignity, the openings turned into arches with wood trim.
Also in the form of an arch, an opening that delimits the entrance area and the living room. It turned out such an arched rhythm, if you look at the entire volume of the apartment.
And also this technique made the apartment, which was rather angular at first, softer.
It was a little more difficult with the ceilings. Clients really wanted them to be interesting, but they were afraid that they were rather low.
Therefore, in most rooms, the ceilings have the same coating as on the walls - this is decorative plaster with a light light beige tint and the effect of a damp wall. This technique deprives the contrast between the surfaces, especially because gypsum cornices are used along the perimeter of the ceilings, which make the transition from ceiling to wall smooth. These cornices are used in all rooms, but in different color options.

For example, in the living room, the main room, with the largest window, the brightest ceiling. This color changes its intensity depending on the lighting and angle. This color gives a warm reflex to all surfaces and to the person himself, so much so that physically you feel better. In addition, this ceiling is emphasized by a black molding strip, making it even more accentuated. And also this strip is a sideboard for lighting, when turned on, the ceiling changes its intensity again and also literally “takes off”.
The bedroom uses a slightly different technique.
The same decorative raw wall, black-painted black cornice, from which the backlight emphasizes the imperfections of the wall. And on the surface of the ceiling used paper wallpaper.

The whole apartment is doable in one color scheme. And only the master bathroom combines basic colors with shades of green. After all, any ripe tasty fruit has its own stalk or leaf.
I named my project not only because I used shades of this berry in it. I named my project that way even later that it was only possible to shoot it in the summer of 2022. During the war.
In summer, persimmon fruits are still ripe. Persimmon in different nations is a symbol of wisdom, peace and happiness in the family.
 It is autumn 2022, persimmon fruits are ripening. The world really needs wisdom, my star really needs victory, my customers, like all the people of my country, really need happiness in their families.
Apartment "Persimmon"

Apartment "Persimmon"