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    An Archeology catalog from the future describing the culture in Israel in the 2000's
Findings From The Future
An imaginary archeology catalogue.
A Project for "Visual Communication" course in Shenkar Academy.
The assignment was to make a series of 22 Alphabetical Objects-
in this work I tried to imagin how the future archeologists will discribe the culture in israel  in the 2000's.
Icon from the "talkbackers" period. 
Means "I am happy". Phonetic media in those years was in retreat, and communication"Glyph" took it's place many times.
Many people make the mistake to think that in those days the people "could not draw",but you should remember that this is indeed a symbol.
Around the end of the second millennium began using mobile Figurines.
Figurines that are designed to emit a very strong energy, and have become more sophisticated and on the whole time. At that time people believed that whoever buys the most recent figurines, can absorb into his head as much energy.
Findings charts dating to around 1990-2010 AD.