Located at the city’s trendiest bar street, Wine rack stands out with its eclectic food offer worthy of the impressive wines selection. Wine rack serves wines of different calibre, yet the focus is on the small vineyards, majority of which are not available in common distribution. 

The bar is opened and run by wine enthusiasts, which justifies the offer, positioning, and aesthetics  — everything is a subject of the spiritus vini constitution.

Bars front wall states it all clearly: «Drink wine, don’t give up».
Elevated haze and smooth pleasure of wine drinking inspired the creation of a multifaceted, yet concise design framework. Adjustable logotype represents the bar's name placed on the shelves of the red frame that resembles the wine rack itself. The logo is complemented with a set of illustrations. These drawings were crafted with painstaking patience to enrich the eclectic minimalism with metaphorical, mind-twisting engravings.
Wine rack