Graphic Design Thesis Project: The Power of Vulnerability in Design Communication. A game created to bring light to how people connect to one another and why interconnection is important.
This project displays how creating understanding through making connections with others can be a graphically and interactive designed experience. Studies show that when people physically do an activity with other individuals, they are more likley to gain understanding of other individuals. RoundTable gives its players the opprotunity to learn different thoughts and actions about other players that they might not have ever imagined. Participants walk away with the opportunity to express themselves and provoke thought in an competetive setting. The design of the game is inspired by the chakra map each chakra a different genre of life to be evaluated. Players are judged on their answers each round, bringing in another form of perspective and thought, and are categorised as a first, second, or third place winner of each round. At the end of seven rounds, the highest scoring player holds the title of the most well rounded person. When all is said and done each participant has the opportunity to complete a servey describing the events of the game to be further evaluated later. RoundTable is the perfect tool to use as corporate ice breakers,  for guidence councelors trying to create understanding between students, and friends who are trying to get to know one another better.