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    A wedding invitation design
Wedding Invitation
- an old friend's wedding -
This is an invitation card for my old friend's wedding, I've created it a few months ago. It was such an interesting project, we talked alot about the wedding plan, the decoration, the great songs would be played, the beautiful day was going to be, the charming bride and groom, the poem would be read by an cute friend on that day ... So that i had great inspirations to created this small invitation card for their wedding. 
"Doubt that the stars are like fire;
Doubt that the sun doesn‘t move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt your love
Best wishes for the future! "
The three colors of invitation cards
Front side and backside with the wedding logo.
A great friend helped me to cut off a ton of envelopes with his laser cutting machine.
And the stickers were made by that way, with his help and the unbelievable machine.
An email version of the wedding invitation.
To my dear friends, I hope your life together will be filled with joy, happiness and lots of love!
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