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Center for Mediterranean Architecture
The Centre in history

The Centre for Mediterranean Architecture (CAM) was founded in 1996 and its purpose is to promote architecture and the values that derive from it, by reaching out to the public and expanding their understanding of architectural matters. Since 2002, it is housed in the Great Arsenal, a 15th-century building at the port of Chania, Crete, where it has organised numerous events, exhibitions and other activities. It is a contemporary and respected organisation for architecture and culture, which transforms a local effort into an institution with an exceptionally dynamic potential.
New Era

Our role was to assist the organisation’s rebirth with a new, dynamic image; meanwhile, an important requirement was for CAM to expand its horizons by approaching a new, more demanding audience, as well as to reposition itself in relation to its existing audience through its activities.

The organisation’s new identity expresses its fundamental stratvegic objectives, such as extroversion, a contemporary outlook, the promotion of architecture, audience development and reaching out for collaborations with other institutions in Greece and abroad. The initials CAM become the logo for Centre for Mediterranean Architecture (corresponding to the Greek KAM), and function as the symbol that promotes the organisation locally and internationally.

At CAM’s heart lies architecture itself, since the Great Arsenal is literally the locus where architectural thought comes to life. The building’s historic character, as well as its activities on a scientific, educational, and cultural level, are summed up in its emblematic appearance. The logo is therefore based on the building’s solid and orthogonal form, combined with the signature ‘dilovo’ (a window with arched tips), an element of great architectural interest.
An integrated Visual Language

Architecture thus becomes the protagonist of the new visual identity, with a bold, geometric style that characterises the organisation and its activities. Following that approach, a custom font has been created that, in combination with the vivid colour palette, reinforce CAM’s identity and become a versatile tool for its connection to the public and the achievement of its goals in general. With a renewed vision and image, CAM stands out as a point of reference for architecture in the Mediterranean.

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Branding: AG Design Agency, Creative Direction: Alexandros Gavrilakis, Curation: Design Ambassador
Art Direction: Sofia Pliakopanou, Copy: Kyriakos Spirou, UI/UX: Kika Tirekidou, Coding: Mayra Metaxa, Animation: Nektarios Karanikas, All architectural images are copyright to their respective owners
Center for Mediterranean Architecture

Center for Mediterranean Architecture