YaTalks Conference Visual Identity


In the 1960s outer space has become a collective dream of humankind. Contemporaries of Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, and generations to follow read and watch science fiction, fantasizing about extraterrestrial journeys. Our dreams got more earthly since, but the cosmos still remains a synonym of continuous elaboration and progress.

IT is a space for today became the theme of YaTalks conference of 2021 by Yandex, so as the general metaphor of the visual identity of this event, uniting nearly 100 experts from leading companies from all over the world to share their views on the IT industry, technology, and digital trends.

Abstract objects interact, symbolizing knowledge sharing, communication, and discussion. The overall modularity, futuristic logo, and typographic system order, like the spacecraft control panel and the silhouettes of instruments for studying alien surfaces, inherits the graphic plots of classical and modern sci-fi.

The identity is equipped with an automatic generator of motion and static graphics — the tool, that allows quickly creating of various communication media. Together with a broad and flexible color palette it helped distinguish product areas across six areas of different themes.

#shukadesign                                                                  2022

creative director → ivan velichko
art director → daria zudina
lead designer → evgeny drozhzhev
lead motion designer → dmitry kozlyaev
designer → dmitry kozlyaev
designer → dina isaeva
sound designer → simeon melnikov
project manager → anna eremina
content director, writing → vasily kolesnik
producer → ekaterina shcherbakova 

design director → anna katsur 
art director  → sofya karavaeva
designer → rant blagaya
designer → masha larionova
project manager → anna kuzyutina
project manager → anna shayakhmetova

designed by shuka ®
© all rights reserved
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YaTalks Conference Visual Identity