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    Business card for Russian actress
A business card for a famous Russian actress Natalia Jitkova (www.jitkova.ru). She acts both in cinema and theatres, both in Russia and abroad. She tears her up between theatre and cinema, but she is still one person. I create a business card for any cases the actress can pass through and in style of her site.. with a little bit more:
In case of sudden press-conference she can convert her business card to a badge simply bending it:
Also in case of global meeting if she has a few cards left but many people to present, she can simply tear it up and receive the full two business cards instead of each one (all the information situates on different sides in strong order specially for that):
And in case of vampire atacks during the night walks she can quickly receive a nice cross ;)
Material: black Plike
Technologies: silkscreen (white), perforation
Printing run: 3