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    Hellboy. for multiversity comics competition.
My entry for the multiversity comics hellboy contest, including a breakdown of my technique which is pretty much the same for all my digital work.
First a rough sketch of the basic idea - Hellboy, alone in a dark room while the apocalypse rages outside. Moody!
Next step, add a basic colour pallete. I'm a sucker for rusty browns.
..a little texture, plus enlarged the right hand of doom, which was a bit puny looking for a hand of doom.
some more texture and some shading.
photo textures and lighting effects for the face hand and outside scene. dozens of different sources used. this is possibly the longest stage and involves lots of tweaking and micro colour corrections.
some more colour corrections and details added, mostly to the outside scene
a big reworking of the view which lacked a bit of depth and pespective.
some final tweaking and colour work including a slight change to HB's expression to make him a little more brooding rather than mournful looking.