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A website Revamp Process (2016 - 2023)

Website Renovation
I realized that I have been plugging away at my work and I wanted to take a moment to share a 2022 process for a website rebrance. The current site we are working with here is a 3 language hotel/gas station/restaurant in Eastern Europe. The original site is now dated and the technology and admin are falling behind. the original site was commissioned and launched around 2016 and it has been aging for 6 years. Normally I slowly tend to our client websites like a garden. So this is a unique opportunity to share with you how I attack a revamp. I will be working with one developer and the client on this project, all though I am incharge of much of the front end development. First, let us take a look at the original 2016 website. 

Below you will see that this is a 4 page site (ho,e, gas, hotel, and food). The architecture and logo must stay the same, the colors and content can have slight tweaks, and it must all be modernized. 
Now, thanks to Dijs the new admin is implemented and I can start the planning phase for the UI/UX improvement.

UX Points to improve: The majority of traffic is on a mobile phone
     A. Develop the mobile experience first
     B. Simplify the layout for each page to create consistency
     C Make clickable areas accessible - I can either use larger buttons or larger tap-areas here.

UI Points to Improve: Mostly the site doesn't look fresh and modern
     A. Simplify the colors.
     B. Check for ample and consistent white space. 
     C. Look into New fonts.
     D. Add contrast
     E. Use the white version of the logo to simplify colors and gradients.

Now with that, here is the design improvements I proposed and got approved by the client. 

The Mobile Design first
Then one desktop design to show the possible logic for responsive design.
The website is now live, and you can see it here. The design evolved one more as time passes and they completed new renovations on some of their rooms. The final one page website was revamped and pushed live as a React project in 2023. 
Photos (on ground): Heather van der Dys
Drone Photography: Richard van der Dys
Photo Edits: Heather van der dys
A website Revamp Process (2016 - 2023)

A website Revamp Process (2016 - 2023)

This is a revamp and redesign for an older website made in 2016. This design involves UX, mobile responsiveness, internationalization, and a mult Read More