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    Waste-wood taken from a carpentry, transforming it into a new product and creating therefore a closed circle.
the rest of the rest
Taking nature as an example we are able to see a perfect model of recycling. Wasted materials becoming nutrients and is no longer considered as waste.
Mainly all productions processes produce surplus material, mostly considered as waste and of no value.
But as soon as it is going to be reused it gets back its value.
During this project we took surplus wooden material from a nearby carpentry. We thought of a series production process which is based on reusing material. To glue the material together we used only natural glue on bone-or skin-base.
The result of our project gives inspira­tion on how to complete the life-cycle of a raw-mate­rial and fulfill the ideology of acting sustainable with natural resources.
This project is still in progress!
This work was elaborated together with Laura Häusler and Ruben van den Bossche
plate material - pressed, cut, oiled
working process:
1.collecting waste material
2.shredding the wood pieces
3.mixing it with the natural glue mixture
4.vacuumforming in a negative mold