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Monster Quartet - 4 Original Monster Designs

Monster Quartet
A collection of four unique monster designs
Commissioned monster illustrations for a private client who had seen my earlier artwork and wanted some of that for his wall.
The goal was to create four charming, weird and interesting monsters, designed digitally and then implemented as physical artwork with inkpen, pencil and colored pencils on 30x30 cm paper, in my original style.
As a connecting theme I chose the four elements: earth, water, fire and air.

Earth - Ruffles. Ironically enough her body shape was developed from that of a sea horse.
Air - Burdy. A lofty little charmer.
A minimalist, seamless pattern was created for every monster, designed to be easily transferred to the physical artwork via tracing paper and H6 pencil.
Fire - The Twins. These insect based conjoined twin-beings are seldomly of one mind. Some heat is inevitable.
Water - Squiddy. An eternally confused maritime concoction.
Making of Ruffels - A small look into the process
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Monster Quartet - 4 Original Monster Designs


Monster Quartet - 4 Original Monster Designs