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    A study of mokume-gane.
This is just a photo journal of my first attempt to make Mokume-gane. I have made 2 laminates, the photo journal shows the first laminate, and the finished (patterned) piece is from my second Laminate.  Does any body have an secrets that could aid me, I plan on doing a lot more mokume in the future!
My very first finished laminate!  18 layers of alternating Copper, Brass, and Nickel Silver.
My second laminate 16 layers of Sterling Silver, Nickel Silver, Shibuichi, Shakudo, and Copper. Rokusho patina.
My third laminate is 12 alternating layers of Shibuichi and Shakudo with a top layer of fine silver. With this piece I wanted the top silver layer to become the background for the pattern I was going to make.  I did this by using chasing and repousse to make a 3D pattern.