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Adobe Live 24/10/22 project breakdown
Breakdown of the 24/10/22 Adobe Live session
With Illustrator, Stager and Sampler you can do magic
Everything I mention below is discussed more in detail in my video that you can replay on Behance Live and Youtube.

In this project I will walk you through what you can create from simple 2D vector shapes, and how you can bring the max our of these assets in 3D using the Creative Cloud and the Substance 3D Suite.

Ok, so let's say we have a set of shapes that we created for our branding project. Nicely colored in Illustrator, following a color palette that we saved to our CC Libraries, so they are later available in Stager as well.

Using the 3D and Materials tab in Illustrator, you can convert these shapes into 3D models, and export them as OBJ files, that you can drag and drop into Stager for staging, texturing, and rendering. 

The color information you select for the models will go with the model to Stager, so when you open it it will have a base color. In Stager you can decide what kind of surface you would like to have for your elements, play with roughness, metallic and a bunch of other settings to reach the final result. 
After setting up a camera, lighting the scene, we can add some Depth of Field to the scene, and render it. 
You can easily export a transparent PNG from the PSD file that you rendered in Stager, and create amazing social media posts with your new assets in Adobe Express
We don't have to stop here, there are plenty of other things you can create with these assets.
Check out the amazing collection of 3D assets of Substance 3D Assets
Photogrammetry in Substance 3D Sampler (private beta)
In the Adobe Live session at the end we also mentioned this new function that comes to Sampler at some point. I'm super excited about this. Check out my renders I created using my phone and Sampler, rendered in Stager.
If you would like to play around with these shapes, you can find this image here on Adobe Stock.
Credits to Crocolot
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Adobe Live 24/10/22 project breakdown