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Roll: two-way airtight food container
Industrial Design
Roll: two-way airtight food container
LocknLock 2022 design contest Grand Prix winner
Product design / Personal project / Year 2022
2022 LocknLock design contest Grand Prix winner, Roll
Is a square storage container the most reasonable shape? 
Is there any way to make the food container lid more interesting to use? 

Roll is a round, cute form of airtight container that provides answers to the above.
Roll provides single-person residents with an improved lifestyle and a more enjoyable container experience.
Product concept & form sketches by Haechan Ryu.
Many single-person households in South Korea often take out food stored in airtight containers directly on dining table without putting it on a separate plate, even though the food should be placed in the appropriate plate to provide us with a more valuable dining experience.  

Very often for me and single-person household's meal times are far from the value of traditional meal experiences. 
We would take out the food containers of side dishes that were stored in the refrigerator and put them on the table right away. 

I thought that even the carefully cooked quisine would lose their taste and original value if they were put into a stark square plastic container and went to the table. 
Both bowl containers and dish caps can be used as plates and food containers.
So I thought again about the essence of 'cooking and food culture'.
A good dish can only be completed by cooking with good ingredients with a heart full of care and then serving them on a deserving and beautiful plate. 

Roll is a two-way airtight container that can provide a better dining experience for single-person households who often use LocknLock food containers as their food plates!

A new perspective on airtight food containers.
Clean, soft and welcoming are the three keywords for color and styling.
Dish caps, 3 (Ivory, Skyblue, Soft terracota) colors provided.
I thought about a color that would make the user feel clean, soft, and welcoming by selecting three colors that go well with food and have a soft tone and a clean mood. It consists of ivory, which is the most basic, cute and soft sky blue, and soft terracotta, which gives off a more formal atmosphere.
Silicone roll, which can be a grip for bowl container and handle for dish cap.
A rolled up silicone can be a handle for hot dish.
It provides an 18cm-diameter dish and a 1000ml and 1500ml bowl.
Roll consists of dish cap and bowl container. 

In a typical food container, the role of the lid and the role of the container are clearly distinguished. 
Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to see the inconvenience of using the lid as a plate. 

At the same time as improving those paint points, I wanted to make the view in the kitchen and refrigerator more beautiful by redesigning the square, angular block-shaped food container into a round bowl shape. ​​​​​​
A simple yet elegant curve forms the appearance.
A cross section shot of Roll, silicone roll and inner silicone lid hold the bowl tightly so that it doesn't fall out.
Roll boasts excellent fixing power. 

There are two factors that make this possible. It's the inner silicon lid and the outer silicone roll. 
The inner silicon lid holds the glass bowl tightly, and the strong friction of the outer roll silicon, which has become the cue for the product name, holds the bowl firmly so that it does not fall out. 

When you use a dish cap as a dish, you can roll it up and use it as a handle, which is helpful for you to grip a hot plate after heating it.
A detail shot of dish cap.
It has a surface with a good grip through a rough and matte surface finish.
designed to be easy to stack like a square container.
Roll resembles the advantages of a square food container. Because it's designed to be easy to stack. The pits in the bowl container fit perfectly with the silicon feet in the dish cap, so that it can be stored in a refrigerator in an orderly and stable manner.
It provides an 18cm-diameter dish and a 1000ml and 1500ml bowl for an option. Putting various plates in a narrow sink is a problem for single-person households. Rolls can cover a variety of roles. The silicon part of the dish cap is easy to remove and easy to clean.

Package designs for Roll.
Simple graphics were applied to boxes using recycled paper.
Directed shots of packages and products.
Package graphics designed by Haechan Ryu.
Package and internal configuration.
I've designed a simple and eco-friendly package design to match the simple and minimal aesthetics of the product itself. 
Also, I've designed graphics that were intuitive and explicit about the product, and not complicated. And for packaging materials, they are environmentally friendly packaging using recycled paper.
A poster design emphasizes eco-friendly mood of the product.
"Roll" aimed to 'design that reveals the essence better because it is simple'.
The project 'Roll' won the grand prix at the 2022 LocknLock design contest.
Thank you for reading my project. 
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Designer Haechan Ryu
Roll: two-way airtight food container


Roll: two-way airtight food container