Shiner Beer | Austin City Limits 2008 & 2009
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Heineken was the official beer sponsor of the 2008 Austin City Limits music festival. But Shiner is the local favorite. How do we keep Shiner top of mind, when we aren't allowed to advertise inside the festival?
Stand outside the festival entrance and hand out free koozies. After all, it's hot out and Texans love keeping their beer cold with a koozie. But these koozies do more than that. Since they look exactly like a can of Shiner Bock, festival goers look like they're drinking Shiners instead of Heinekens, and they get a kick out of snubbing the corporate sponsor in favor of their beloved Shiner.

Austin City Limits Music Fest 2009 - Foreign Beer Exchange Program

Heineken is the exclusive sponsor of the Austin City Limits music festival, which means
Shiner beer, 
the local favorite, can’t be served on the festival grounds.

So in order to defend Shiner’s turf, the Foreign Beer Exchange Program was born.

Concert goers were given Shiner wooden nickels, good for free Shiner at the Foreign Beer Exchange 
Program Headquarters.

The headquarters housed porta potties where people could relieve themselves of the lesser, foreign beer, 
and “exchange” it for an ice-cold Shiner.
Viral Smuggling Video