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    Some work done during my brief stint in advertising.
Proctor & Gamble
City Government of Quezon Province
'Sebulok' is a portmanteau from the tagalog words 'sebo' (grease) and 'bulok' (rotten). I didn't create the Sebulok character, this is just my interpretation.
'Kulob' is a tagalog word that has no direct english translation. It  means musty or the cooped up smell clothes get in tropical countries when they aren't dried in the sun.
The illustration was a collaboration with another art director, and is for the tourism campaign of the government of Quezon Province. It was later laser cut into a rubber mat, which represents the recycled tires that the locals use to create rubber rafts for whitewater rafting.
PhilHealth is the Philippine government's health service.
This campaign aims to make raise awareness among the marginalised public who live in shanty towns and who do not have access to health care about the clinics and centers in their area.
More campaign posters for Joy
Calendar for Rockwell, a real estate company.
Awardable for Cricket Lighters.