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    Roger Allen Baut has interests in social awareness and consciousness, human rights, nature, wildlife, spirituality and metaphysics. He has recent… Read More
    Roger Allen Baut has interests in social awareness and consciousness, human rights, nature, wildlife, spirituality and metaphysics. He has recently been bringing these interests together, through his photography, to hopefully bring a greater awareness to people, of how nature and mankind's life is interconnected, and that if we don't start working together with nature and our fellow human beings, our species may well bring about the demise of not only our bio-sphere, but our own species as well. His photography embraces the wonder and beauty of the world he walks through, and is indeed contemplative, if you take a few moments with each of his images. • Please note: None of Roger's images are retouched, manipulated, or photo-shopped in any way. However, some Images may be cropped/trimmed. "We are joined together, we are one whole. We are not islands, we are one continent. You are in me, I am in you. The trees are in you, you are in the trees. It is an interconnected whole." Osho Read Less
Realm of the White Heron

ures. In China, th

As a creature of the water, the Heron is symbolic of going with the flow, and working with the elements of nature, rather than trying to manipulate and struggle against it.

The White Heron may then be seen as a representation of the purity and cleanness that is present in nature when it is not tampered with by mankind, and that is why I have chosen to title this project
It is time for Homo sapiens to stop its insane plundering of the planet and it's resources, as well as the blatant manipulation of plant and animal life. We are seeing drastic climatic change in many parts of the world, as well as the melting of the polar caps. This is serious business.

Those perpetuating these insidious crimes against nature, or associated with them, are guilty of crimes against humanity and the planetary bio-sphere as well. It is time to hold those who are perpetuating these horrendous acts accountable, as has the Sea Shepard Conservation Society (http://seashepherd.org) that has put a damper on the brutal whaling industry in the Southern Ocean.

depicts a world that is visually free from the many toxins that are polluting and driving our planet and species into a crisis mode. It presents the wonder of nature as it is, and may be, by simply becoming environmentally friendly, and working together for the mutual benefit of the planet and mankind. If we do not begin in this  'now' moment to correct the damages to our bio-sphere, our planet may one day look like the surface of Mars.
As you view the images presented herein, and the beauty that earth's wildlife and nature has to offer us, please consider taking part in some type of action, to help stop the destruction of our species and planet. Whether you write or email letters to your local, state and/or governmental representatives, and/or join groups such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Green Peace, or Wildlife Conservation Society, whatever you do, can only make a positive difference. We know not how long these images from the Realm of the White Heron will be a valid representation of life forms on Earth.

"One little light can light ten thousand." Koichi Tohei-sensei
For information on any of these images, please email me. Thank you. ☺

Path of Queen Anne's Lace

The Monarch and Queen Anne's Lace
Path to the Woods
Water Path
Turtle in the Sun
Cosmos and the Bee
A Rose by Any Other Name
Mourning Cloak Amongst the Leaves
Lily and the Feather