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"Symbiosis" solo exhibition @Imagin'Café Barcelona
This summer, I presented my solo exhibition "Symbiosis" in the gallery space of the Imagin'Café Barcelona.
For the occasion, I presented 16 artworks, paintings and 2 installations "in-situ".
The work was created between 2019 and 2022.
I'm sharing some pictures of this exhibition and paintings in this project.
Hope you'll like it.

Symbiosis exhibition visual (used on flyer, a digital promo)
"Symbiosis" exhibition concept
Industrialization and the digital era have brought us great progress and incredible control but, at the same time, they have also increasingly distanced us from our natural ecosystem of which it seems, at times, that we are no longer a part.
In this exhibition, Ladislas invites us to immerse ourselves in what he defines as ''visual spaces of reconnection with nature'', barriers that define reality and fall like dominoes in his surreal scenarios.

Humanity blend with nature and grows through it.

Subaquatic wind Acrylics +spraypaint + markers on canvas - 80X80cm/31,5X31,5IN - 2019

"Regarder Tomber Les Feuilles" - Acrylics + spraypaint on canvas - 100X100cm-39X39IN - 2022
The Vase Of Faces - Digital Painting serie - Fine art print - 70X50cm - limited edition of 25ex - signed and numbered

Le Ballet Des Airs - Dyptich - Acrylics + markers on canvas - 61X50CM - 24X19IN - 2021

The Imagin'Café gallery is a one of a kind space to exhibit : A old Bank building converted into a gallery space and other spaces for workshops, talks and cultural activities.

I decided I would invest the space and create 2 small scale installations in accordance to the space available.
The whole building is made of concrete, big thick walls: massive & renforced  "safe" doors to keep all the money and belongings of clients back when it was still a bank.

I wanted to include , green, and show how nature reappropriate the space. No matter how thick the walls are, nature will eventually crack them all and recover the space.

Hands are a symbol I'm using a lot in my art. They're symbols of action and also a representation of humanity in my work.
A complex network of threads and strings that appearing from the smallest cavity in the wall.

"La Saison De La Mousson" - Acrylics + Spraypaint + Markers on canvas - 115X88cm - 45X34,5IN - 2020

I'd like to thanks the wonderful team at Imagin'Café for helping me bringing this exhibition to Life. Isabel director of the space for welcoming my proposal and allowing me to spread my ecological and surrealistic vision and message. Allowing me to exchange and meet people during the opening and all along the exhibition. Special thanks to Julieta & Iliana for accompanying me in the whole process of the organization of this show.

You can discover more about my art and my purpose in creation by visiting my website:

"Symbiosis" solo exhibition @Imagin'Café Barcelona


"Symbiosis" solo exhibition @Imagin'Café Barcelona