Freshleaf Teas Rebranding

Freshleaf is a tea start-up company that serves tea for the daily lifestyle. Freshleaf wants to be a solution for drinkers other than coffee, considering that all business people are currently more interested in coffee than other drinks, especially tea. Freshleaf’s management believes that tea is one of the most timeless beverages, therefore they wanted to make tea something interesting to have.

Sourced from the finest tea gardens from all over the country— Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Kangra and Dooars—Freshleaf offer you the freshest leaves that are blended together with locally-sourced nutrient-dense ingredients to form a perfectly-crafted beverage. over time, FreshLeaf experienced a bit of a drag on brand awareness. Most consumers are more familiar with the tea flavored variant than the Freshleaf brand name itself. This of course hinders the process of branding and marketing products while on shelves or online.

The Freshleaf current logo looks skinny weight, and tends to feel technology makes it sink even more.

After seeing the appearance of the Freshleaf identity before, in order to increase awareness and brand recognition, especially on packaging, the Freshleaf identity must look different, unique, easy to associate, simple and distinctive. Visual identity must be emotionally binding, which cannot be achieved without being followed by the quality of the tea’s. Considering customer loyalty is the impact of an emotional bond between product quality and visuals.

The design team developed the Freshleaf logotype to be simpler, more solid, easy to recognise, lively but elegant. The Freshleaf new identity should find a balance a long modern, clean, unique and timeless.

It should feel;
natural than technology, simple, unique,
modern & commercials.

The identity will strengthen Freshleaf brand that's specialized in providing the costumers a good quality tea products, unique experience and atmosphere that represent a communication spot for all people with different interest and age.
The design team developed a more lively and fun illustration approach to make the brand more premium yet playful. Each illustration represents the taste of tea with ingredients and color palette blends that distinguish each flavors. The color palette selection is based on the tea flavored color that has been determined.
Sector: Food & Drink - Retail
Discipline: Brand Identity, Packaging Design
Creative Director: Eko Widarto
Team: Renzy Rohmatillah, Galih Arganata
Freshleaf Teas Rebranding


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Freshleaf Teas Rebranding