In Retrospect: Erno Goldfinger
A Supplement for Blueprint Magazine
In Retrospect, is a series of 12 page supplements designed to be sent out along with, the parent publication, Blueprint magazine. The series aims to look back at important movements in architectural design that should be remembered, discussed, criticised or celebrated, in the hope to influence new ideas from studying the past. 

The First issue is an in depth look at Erno Goldfinger, the man behind the James Bond villan and a man fundmental to the rise of Brutalist Architecture in England during the late 50's and early 60's. The Supplement is designed to reflect the nature and form of the architecture in question and so is designed to represent Erno Goldfinger's brutalist towerblocks of which, he is most famous for. 
The Supplement's cover is designed to represent the windows of the Trellick Tower, Arguably Erno's most famous tower, using a die-cut pattern.
Erno Goldfinger; An introduction