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The purpose of this event

Participation in this event is completely free of charge and there is no prize or any rewards for the participants planned.
This event aims mainly to entertain, bring positive emotions and joy to people. 
Our goal is to create a few characters, using your ideas and imagination.
Using our drawing skills, we can bring your characters to live.
Then they can become a new popular comic hero or remain as a source of inspiration.

Term and conditions for participation

* Please note that any description of uncensored characters or such including violence,
racism and/or sexism themes will be ignored, as this is not tolerated by us.

How will your character be created?

We will help your character to come to life within two weeks.
The only thing you need to do is to submit your character description to us,
using the form below. In case that the submitted description is approved by us, we will provide you with our feedback,
confirming that your character will be drawn.

Illustrators: @Mip and @Spovv
Event and Content Management (English): Milena Lazarova

The Result

We have received so many characters’ descriptions and their stories that it is a pity that we did not have enough time to draw them all.

Thank you for your participation and trust in us and our drawing skills. We would be very happy if the outcomes make you smile. 

Author Name: Simeon Lazarov

Character Name: Rockarollo
Skills of the Character: Super Music Player, Electric Guitar Master

Character Story:

Rockarollo is a true rockstar! He fights evil with his incredible power to play super cool riffs! As a child the little Jimmy received a gift from his parents for his 6th birthday – an acoustic guitar. When he was feeling sad he was playing the guitar. Soon he met his guitar teacher – Joe The Alien and got inspired by him. He taught him the lesson of rock'n'roll music and the wisdom and knowledge . But unfortunately his teacher was abducted by real aliens. After that Jimmy decided to become Rockarollo. He discovered that he can use his abilities to protect people and he took on his first mission – to safe his teacher and inspiration, Joe. A mission that has never ended… Now he uses the music to stop criminals and fight them on the streets. Whenever someone is in trouble he is ready to help with his super guitar riffs and solo performances. He's got a few buddies – Drummz, Bass Blast and Volcalino. Together they perform as a rock band to save the world!

Rockarollo's weapon is his 6-string electric solo guitar! He is so good at playing on it that even sometimes there is a fire underneath his fingers while playing! He looks like a real rockstar, with a sunglasses and ragged jeans.

Are you ready to rock with Rockarollo? Join the team, turn on the music. Louder!

Author Name: John Forde

Character Name: Space Monkey and Cosmic Bee
Skills of the Character: Baby Bottle Powers (squirt, fling, spin like Thor's hammer), and flight.
Character Story:

This idea comes about from when our son was about 1 year old (he's now 9 and soon to be 10, so I've sat on this for awhile!). He had these pajamas, of the kid kind with feet in 'em, that had bright green and blue horizontal stripes. We called it his "Cosmic Bee" outfit.

He also had a small toy monkey and he used to put the transparent, cup-like cap of his baby bottle on the monkey's head. We joked that it was like his sidekick and looked like a space helmet. Or that maybe he was the monkey's sidekick. Something like a "Calvin and Hobbes" type of relationship.
Hence the idea for "Space Monkey and the Cosmic Bee."
I'm a writer for a living and have done cartoon illustration as a hobby for most of my life, so I've had plans myself to turn this into either a children's book series or a cartoon strip on my own. But all inputs are good. I'd love to see how somebody else imagines the same.

Author Name: Neil

Character Name: Norman
Skills of the Character: Terrible Freestyle roller skater

Character Story:

Norman is a skater, a bad skater who takes far too many precautions for a self professed freestyle roller skater who won't stray more than an inch from the guide rail.

He skates to get women. He is yet to be successful with a young ladies heart.

Author Name: Derek H

Character Name: Lady Z, Dragon Rider of Malonia
Skills of the Character: sharpshooter, war cry, can fly a freakin' dragon
Character Story:

Little is known about Lady Z, Dragon Rider of Malonia. Where did she come from? How did she find a dragon? Who is she really? No one knows for sure. Lady Z is elusive and quick; showing up when and where she is needed most and then gone in the blink of an eye.
What is known is that if it had not been for Lady Z and her dragon, Malonia would have fallen on that fateful day when the Orks of Caldar boiled out of their mountain strongholds and marched on the capital.
Until then many had believed that the dragons weren’t real. Their existence, faded into legend and myth. On that day though, the skies dark with smoke and the air thick with cries for help, Lady Z appeared above the palace, sitting astride her dragon, Azel. Clad in her dragon scale armor and wielding her oaken bow she swooped down upon the Ork horde. Lady Z then let loose her war cry, clutching the hearts of all those that heard it, with an icy grip of terror!. Her unrelenting attack with her bow and the cleansing flames of Azel gave the warriors of the city the opening they needed to repel the Orks from the walls and ultimately driving them back into their dark holes.
Ever since that day, Lady Z’s has served as protector of the lands. Her shadow, striking fear into the hearts of those who would seek to hurt the people of Malonia; striking from the skies whenever she is needed.

Author Name: Milena Lazarova

Character Name: Hope
Skills of the Character: fly, smile, flatter wings, eyelashesh, spread hope and faith
Character Story:

Dear Reader,
Have you ever wondered where Hope comes from?
Well, I am not sure that I have the answer of this question, but it seems that you are very lucky to know that my character has something to do with it.
Her name is Hope. She is an extraordinary sort of a creature, one on the planet, which you might or might not meet in a lifetime. Even if she happens to be around you, you might not notice her, as she is very small, tiny and petite. At a first glance she is very similar to Butterfly with transcendent light purple wings (these type of huge butterfly wings with sort of sharp edges). However, when you take a closer look, you will notice that this is not a typical butterfly, but more like a little fairy.
Her little green head is sort of an insect head (bee, ant or this type) with two green, not too long antennas (aerials). Her eyes are very big (turquoise) with long black eyelashes and nice little pinkish mouth. Needleless to mention she has an amazing smile. Her body is much like of the body of a little girl- slim, tiny, but fit. Her skin color is very light yellow (despite of the greenish face), however she wears black, tight, union suit (like black leather), which is type of a bustier and leggings, so her shoulders and arms remain uncovered. She has nice, skinny, long arms and legs. She wears two light pink bundles (similar to those of ballerinas), with cute little ribbons can be noticed on her ankles.
She has a mission in life and she is very assiduous to accomplish it. Thus, every day she smiles, flutters with her long eyelashes, and with her large (much larger than her own body) transparent, light purple wings and quietly and inwardly spreads hope, faith and kindness among people.
As she is a one of a type creature, sometimes she feels lonely, but not desperate. During this sad times, in order to feel better she thinks about her dream. Oh, did I forget to tell you….she does have a dream. She dreams for the moment when on the planet all the creatures will be good, kind and positive. Therefore, she never loses hope and gets tired to share with us her hope, faith and kindness every day.
Have you seen her, yet?
I was hoping that you can help me see her.

Author Name: Daniel Shopov

Character Name: Jaahrr McAahrr
Skills of the Character: ut gingerbread,can make anyone smilealways smiling, eats nothing b

Character Story:

Jaahr McAahrr, as presumed by his named, comes from the farthern land of Schottland. He is a 100cm leprechaun, kind of chubby with a sweet dimple near his left eye(which gets even more deeper as he is almost always smiling). At first glance you might think he is a 10 years old boy, but as you notice his eggplant-ly formed nose and one of his front teeth missing, you realize you were deceived by his silly smile and his big, yet warm and welcoming eyes(vaguely resembling sad anime girl eyes, when something makes him sad)…almost forgot about his curly(Abraham Lincoln-ish) sideburns.

With his tri-cornered hat and a ridiculous looking fake wooden leg, he will fill your eyes and heart with laughter, joy and warmth. Unlike any living creature he has ONLY one weakness-gingerbread, which would be more or less negligible had he not been carrying on his waist a whole bag of these(encrusted with a gingerbread man),instead of leprechaun gold.

Always wearing the same clothes( I wonder why?) – white shirt, green tights and green boots, coming up to his knee. You can’t miss his gingerbread pistol(shoots honey and/or chocolate).

As far as history goes, not much can be told about the McAahrr clan, since they live in a closed community, in a parallel universe, much resembling our own. Raised as a true leprechaun, Jaahr was trained to use both magic and the power of illusion. Not long after his initiation, young Jaahr’s heart felt something was not right. One day ,while he was resting in his chambers(or room, not much is known about leprechaun’s world), Jaahr sensed a peculiar smell, a smell that filled his soul, with feeling, he had never felt before. Quicker than Jack McSpeedy Gonzalez(the leprechaun version of you know who) he rushed out in search of the source. It lead him far far away from his home, soon thick fog surrounded him and he was as good as blind, but could still trust his nose. He knew he is getting closer, and a big grin brightened his face as the fog lifted up and revealed before him the biggest Gingerbread man he had ever seen.Dazzled by the view, Jaahr failed to see the notorious creature, never seen by a live leprechaun –McDusa,approaching from his back. Then with a strong spell, the treacherous witch sent him to another universe, forever haunted by the hunger for gingerbread. Ever since, Jaahr has been trying to find a way back to his home and his one true passion…

Author Name: Alan Anderson

Character Name: She-Sheriff
Skills of the Character: fast on the draw. incredible figure

Character Story:

A fearless female in the wild west where every man who has taken the position has been killed. She steps in to bring law and order and save a town famous for its gold mining to peace. She also has a dead eye stare that has made many a men wet themselves.

Author Name: Vova

Character Name: mr.Geengles
Skills of the Character: graffiti
Character Story:

mr. Geengles wears NewEra hats, baggy jeans, bald headed, thick beard. He likes milk chocolate and music and is very passionate about illustrations and graffiti. In the morning he goes to the gym. Kickboxing is his passion. Once he got knocked out by a punching bag… But he's not that type of person who would give up boxing after that…

Author Name: Zlatina

Character Name: Kaya
Skills of the Character: brings happyness and joy; makes others forget pain and fear; finds people inner smiles; spread love and affection
Character Story:

Kaya is a free soul. She loves to gather people together, to learn them how to connect and help each other. While living her live she started realizing that there are way more important things in this world than money and materializm. Kaya loves the nature and wants to learn people how to live in harmony with it. She knows that if people stick together the world will be a better place, full of dreams coming true and understanding. So she decided to learn people how to love and charish every little thing around them. Every hour, every minute, every moment… and just smile.

Author Name: Loi Dang

Character Name: Mr.Lee
Skills of the Character: Can do anything.

Character Story:

Son of god, can do whatever he want on earth, he like a guardian of earth, prevent human from god from other planet. But after a long time live on earth, he saw too much war and dead, now he don't fight anymore, just live like an playboys, but always have someone make him angry..

Author Name: Edin

Character Name: Enki
Skills of the Character: flying, strength, speed, dodge

Character Story:

Just like Phoenix, Enki has raised from ashes to help and protect. Enki is mythic creature with wings light black with some red and orange and blue eyes, on some places golden. With his wings can fly on super speed, With his speed he can dodge everything.

Author Name: Tsvetan Velichkov

Character Name: Pin
Skills of the Character: Mighty Furball

Character Story:

Pin is a small innocent kitten with very dangerous clutches named "blades of fear".
All big dogs in the neighborhood are terrified from Pin. Pin loves to make them running away.

Author Name: Kartik Solanki

Character Name: Mikey Baby
Skills of the Character: Mischevious Baby

Character Story:

Mikey is a small mischievous baby of around 2 to 3 yrs old. He has a big face compare to his body proportion, and always sticking out his tongue. He has big eyes and small hands and feets. He has a small cat with him…His cats name is Spikey and shes a baby cat too…
A good bond is there between both of them. They both always play together.

Both the characters can depict many circumstances.
For example a love towards animals….babies are innocent and that love for his baby cat cannot be expressed in words.

Author Name: Diana

Character Name: Grumpy Cat
Skills of the Character: grumpy cat, is lazy and sloping so when is woke up is grumpy

Character Story:

The cat is in my mind from 3 or more years. For now no one wanted to draw the character so i just try now. The cat is looking silly
Is a male cat with a big tummy and is close to a people who just woke up with a small cap on his head. Sliping hat on the head and with a mouse slippers on the feats. The other thing is that the cat is grumpy and with a cup of coffee but big one. Is a мрррръндей today. The ears are like when is angry on the side :) and the hat is with pong on the end. With a big must aches with a small drops from the coffee on it. I guess this is enough for the first lines i don't know if he will be dress up or just the hat and the slippers, but the slippers are important also. They need to be mouses :)) Will be very grateful if you can draw this cat. Thanks again and good luck with all the characters

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