POWER SKILL: Comunicador/ Communicator

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Teste realizado na plataforma Goowit no dia 28/09/2022. O mesmo visa trazer um "overview" de traços da personalidade do profissional. O resultado pode ser conferido também no link a seguir: 


Test conducted on the Goowit platform on September 28th, 2022. The purpose of this test is to provide an overview of the individual's personality traits. The results can also be viewed through the following link:



Your power skill is: COMMUNICATOR

Ulisses Machado Rodrigues

You are sociable, proactive, and value building relationships.

You communicate easily and fluently. Being highly optimistic, you have a knack for spreading positivity and energizing those around you, contributing to a dynamic and positive environment.

You rarely allow yourself to be bored, and routine situations are definitely not your preference. Your active, dominant, and restless nature is always seeking new challenges and embracing the present moment.

As a result, you can multitask effectively and have a knack for handling changes, exposing yourself, taking risks, and dealing with unexpected situations.

You're confident, open, and value interpersonal connections and cultivating positive relationships
Power Skill

Power Skill


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