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  • Neu Records is a new label devoted to recording contemporary music in multi-channel and high definition formats (HD).

    Neu is a platform for interaction between new catalan creators and international musicians of the highest levels. Without stylistic prejudices, but with the objective of continuing the European musical tradition, our aim is to publish music that creates an impact on the listener: to offer suggestive and communicative contemporary music.

    Neu means “snow” in catalan and “new” in german.

    “Neu es un continent pur, un espai inmaculat,
    el lloc imaginari que podem omplir de sons, de música callada,
    el temps de percepció d’un oient nu, inmers en un silenci blanc.”

    (Neu is a pure mainland, a pristine space,
    the imaginary place that can be filled with sounds, with silent music.
    Neu is the perception time of a naked listener, inmersed in a white silence.)

  • First release: Bernat Vivancos, vocal works  June 2011

    The label created by music producer Santi Barguñó , has a team comprising: Hugo Romano (music producer and sound engineer, currently record producer at Catalunya Musica), Mireia Pacareu (executive producer and musicologist, currently executive producer at Catalunya Musica), Ana Madrid (photographer), Lorena Alonso (graphic designer) and Luis Barguñó (engineer and software programmer).