EV Charger Design
The NEVC-BIO is an electric vehicle slow charger that combines biometric authentication.
Face authentication is possible through the camera at the top, and fingerprint recognizers and card readers are deployed. The electric vehicle charger can be controlled through fingerprints and registered cards.
The touchscreen on the front of the charger allows control and user registration. Users who are already registered can use it without any additional touch as facial authentication is performed in real time. The status LED at the top shows the status of the charger and displays red during charging.
NEVC-BIO is designed to be used in public facilities.
Many users can register and use it individually, and receive information such as charge amount and charge cost separately. Installing multiple NEVC-BIO chargers in a public parking lot provides information such as the parking location of the vehicle and can act as a security camera.
The charger connector has a simple design that fits the charger body and style
and it is a design considering grip and weight. The latch button is positioned in a position that is easy to press with the thumb and naturally connects to the connector’s front geometry.
The smartphone application is designed for intuitive use.
Users can check the real-time state of charge through the application, and can check the monthly, annual amount of charge, and charging cost. The camera on the charger body can also check the condition of the vehicle being charged.
Through prototype production, the design, internal equipment design, and PCB were verified. After assembling all the internal devices, PCBs, cables, etc., we actually charged the electric vehicle to verify the charger’s performance.
EV Charger Design