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Scanning my world Pt 2
Photogrammetry in Substance 3D Sampler
I almost got hit by a car while I did this so be very careful about your surroundings when you do photogrammetry. :D This is my 5th project with Substance 4D Sampler (still in private beta) photogrammetry tool. I saw this really cool manhole cover on the street. After taking a few images from different angles, in Sampler I turned them into a nice realistic 3D model. 

When it was ready I drag and dropped the model into Stager. For the lighting I chose a natural outdoor HDRI from the built in environment lights in Stager. I added a simple ground plane, and dropped a concrete Substance material on it, that looked similar to my scan. I color matched the details of this texture to the scanned model, which is very easy with the color picker in Stager. I added a few pear models from Adobe Stock to make the scene more interesting. I went with a strong depth of field because that's the way I like it. I rendered a few versions from different camera angles and played around with the composition a bit. 

I hope you like this! Stay tuned for my next project!

Photos taken with my iPhone
Photogrammetry with Substance 3D Sampler
Rendered with Substance 3D Stager
Post processing in Photoshop

You can find all the pears on Adobe Stock
You can find amazing materials to create ground. You can find this concrete material on Substance 3D Assets
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Scanning my world Pt 2