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    Art direction for a series of photo-shoots that would be utilized for consumer packaging.
In package design, the quality of the photography is equally as important as the style of the layout. This holds exceptionally true for consumer packaging.
For this series of microphones which would appear mainly in Best Buy, I had to find the right model for each level of microphone that we would be selling. Once we had a face for the product, we had to get the "feel" just right. Not everyone looks good pretending to sing on camera. Despite the fact that we shot all three of these packages in one day (giving me about an hour and a half with each model), I still had to get them comfortable, find out what their strengths were, and draw it out for it to be captured on camera.
For this series of headphone packaging, I had to market the same pair of headphones twice and make sure the packages could stand together on a shelf without looking identical. This led to a lot of different approaches with different outfits for each take. Sometimes the model listened to the music we played off her iPod in the studio, sometimes she sang along, and sometimes she simply posed for a clearer shot of the product.