Customer Experience 2022
Agency: MOI Global
Client: ServiceNow
Art Director: Siow Hansheng
Copywriter: Sally Chua
Motion Graphic Designer: Della Gabriel Sutanto
Accounts Director: Roxanne Selby
Account Manager: Jackson Yeo
With customers increasingly engaging service teams during the COVID-19 pandemic, their expectations have increased rapidly. Businesses have tried to keep up with these increasing expectations but have fallen short, leading to more customers being frustrated.​

MOI was engaged to develop a comprehensive campaign around this report, including a refresh of the report in line with the concurrent rebrand of ServiceNow. A digital demand generation campaign was launched to generate awareness about the report, with digital assets (banners, emails, social posts) developed by MOI. A hype reel promoting session speakers and a waiting room video were also created as content to keep viewers engaged during the session.

ServiceNow Customer Experience Waiting Room Reel
ServiceNow Customer Experience Hype Reel
CX Survey Report