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    Album cover photo-shoot for NY musician, Emissary.
In 2013, I was called upon by NY musician, Emissary, to design and direct a photo-shoot for the cover artwork to his then upcoming album "Intervals". Having designed his logo 2 years earlier (see above), I jumped at the chance to help him expand his brand and to complete his vision for this latest release.
I served as both Art Director and Photographer for all the photos featured here.
Promotional shot of Emissary.
Final, edited cover artwork.
Having little-to-no budget and only a few pieces of equipment, I was challenged to find a creative solution to execute what he had in mind. We listened to the opening track, a somber piece with the footsteps of a young woman off to her own demise, to start off.
Using around 20 different pictures shot from the same angle and stiching them together, we captured the movement of the model across the catwalk and down the steps. Since we had only a few studio-lights to utilize, this allowed us to control the amount of light hitting her as she moved across the scene with only minor equipment adjustments as I shot.
Album booklet interior.
Album booklet interior.
Album booklet interior.