Torn Lights
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    Fixtures intending to muddle the barrier between the room and its contents. The lights come from the room itself.
Best described by 3Rings:

"the product presents a conceptual re-definition of sorts, since thefixtures muddle the barrier between the room and its contents, withthe resulting illusion that the light comes from the room itself. Theidea is deceptively simple: introduce elements that contain LEDs yetcamouflage with wallboard (they can be painted or textured to match),thus creating the effect of a rippled or torn portion of wall thatemits light from an unseen source."
Speaking technically, the polypropylene forms are injection molded with the LEDs and driver unit integrated into the mounting.  Blending the forms into the wall would comprise spackle, the original wall paint and either in-wall wiring or electrical FlatWire