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    A series of Instagram shots I have taken over the course of 2011.
Collection of Instagram Shots, Part 1
The "Instagram" iPhone application has become a handy way to capture certain moments in very specific ways. Here's my first collection of shots - all taken over the course of the first half of 2011.
Beach, captured a few days after 2010 became 2011.
A stroll through Venice Beach in California; this is how they "channel" the energy of local street artists away from the street.
Admiring the work of R.Justin Stewart, friend and fellow Behance Network member.
Take a lucky guess.
Taken during the after party right after the 3rd annual 99% Conference in NYC. Relieved.
In the Rodan museum in Paris.
Just a car that I saw and loved.
Looking up to find a picture worth taking.
This has hung above my desk at work for many years... Take a moment to consider: What if!?
Taken the day before the 3rd annual 99% Conference in NYC. Anxious.
A snapshot of artwork by friend and fellow Behance Network member, Craig Kanarick - amazing photographer of candy among other things.
This piece hangs in my closet so I catch a glimpse every morning.
I was invited to speak at the Mashable Conference in Orlando. This was awaiting my arrival.
One of the only things of beauty I found at Disney World.
Great art project on the city streets of NYC.
And they really are...
I love water. And photographs of water.
Gorgeous piece of sculpture.
Fire is mesmerizing, and photos never do it justice. But I tried.
Sunset. I couldn't help myself.
Erica in the wind, on a ferry.
On my way home from one of many trips. A glance of the city never gets old.