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    Visual identity for fashion designer. Scope of work: logo, business cards, illustrations, clothing labels, packaging. 2013
Karolina Mika is a fashion designer, choreographer, contemporary dance instructor and a dancer of DF Dance Theatre. Her career as a fashion designer started with creating costumes for dancers that would allow them move freely and easily. That is how her individual style was formed – the style based on naturalness and simplicity.

Scope of work: logo, business cards, illustrations, clothing labels, packaging
Logo, a core of corporate identity, was created using designer's initials, so each piece of limited collections is now marked with author's signature. The logo has been structured in a way that brings to mind seams – straight lines, drawn from one point to another, create unique, dynamic shape.    
For that project we have worked on three unique illustrations which than have been applied on each item – business cards, packaging paper, clothing labels. Sharp contrasting lines make the design strong and contribute to brand's personality. Urban style, dynamics, geometrical, architectural forms – that's what inspires the artist and what is also visible in illustrations style.      
Each promotional item has been produced in outstanding quality with a great solicitude for details. Business cards have silver elements and edgings which adds some light and glitter to the design. Illustrations on clothing labels have been made using letterpress technique which is coherent with the way the clothes are produced – very manual and at the same time makes label a unique collector's item.
Bags and packaging paper are, in contrary to other items, made out of transparent subtle materials which allows attractive product presentation.   
It all stared with modern dance. With movement that required adequate costume. It all started naturally. Sprang out of passion and turned into passion.