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    Line of kitchenware inspired by Oscar Niemeyer's architecture aesthetics
2007 · Design by Erika Blaselbauer + Fabio Brazil 
The sleek design allows easy removal from hand as thumb area is open. Two neodymium magnets are placed in handles, one invisible on each handle, which allows ease of cutting as well as eliminates usual spring problems such as rusting, breaking, loss of and accumulation of undesirable residues.
Apresenta ambas as funções (descascador e zester) em um só objeto, ainda que com um design minimalista. A beleza buscada na simplicidade, praticidade, segurança e eficácia são itens que determinam o conceito da linha Copan. Vale destacar que o uso de um único material facilita a higienização do produto, o processo de fabricação, e o descarte após a vida útil do produto.

The production of this cooking utensil is easy and reasonable as its makeup is only of stainless steel. The cleaning process is made easier as well as its ability to be recycled which causes less environmental impact. As it brings elegance, style and sophistication to the kitchen environment, it allows a broader markup with lower manufacturing cost. A dual functionality makes the product more versatile, peels and zests with efficiency.
Copan Peeler & Zester="">
ArcDesign # 57
Ana Sant'Anna e Daniel Paronetto · 2007 · Brasil