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Christmas card concepts and a small collection of co-ordinating patterns.
HH01Ac Poinsettia Card with Text
HH03Bc Ornaments Card with Text
HH03Bc Ornaments Red Card
HH01Bc Poinsettia Green Card
HH03Bc Ornaments Green Card
HH01B Poinsettia Pink Pattern
HH01A Poinsettia Green Pattern
HH03B Ornaments Red Pattern
HH03A Ornaments Pink Pattern
HH02A Multi Snowflake Pattern
HH02B Green Snowflake Pattern
HH02C Lime Snowflake Pattern
HH02D Red Snowflake Pattern
HH01Ar Poinsettia Green Round
HH01Br Poinsettia Pink Round
HH03Br Ornaments Red Round
HH03Ar Ornaments Pink Round
HH03C Ornaments Blue
HH02F Aqua Snowflake Pattern
HH02E Blue Snowflake Pattern
HH03D Ornaments Aqua