Mercedes Phoebis
Concept sculpture  sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Design
The project
The design brief was to design a hommage to Mercedes-Benz for the hungarian plant opening. The car sculpture concept should give a personal impression about the Mercedes world and interpret it’s heritage.
Mercedes Phoebis
In my car sculpture design I  synthesized Mercedes from my point of view. Mercedes is classic elegance, aesthetics, heritage, status, dynamics for me. I was inspired by biological forms and materials. My favourite inspiration was the wing structure of insects. The graphics of the insect wings has a particular character and dynamism which gives a special elegance to the main form. The sculpture’s form language was built by the dynamic shutlines and the panels in between.
I integrated the wheels into the body as detail of the main form. The car sculptue’s proportion is based on coupe form to emphasize the aesthetics and elegance of Mercedes.
Presentation renderings
1:4 clay modell photos

Detail photo- Shutline node