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KLM - Up For It
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KLM Up for it
— Where Tech & Data withstand a world of fiction
Can your skills withstand a world of fiction?! At KLM they are always looking for new IT talent, which is not an easy task in a highly competitive industry. So to attract new people, a new campaign strategy was developed by digital agency Kaliber. The campaign highlights the challenges the Tech & Data department has to deal with on a daily basis. Mixing fiction and reality in a visually distinctive style, Woodwork pitched in by crafting two animated trailers.


In order to bring the world of fiction to life, we dug deep into stereo-typical blockbuster movies like Independence Day, Indiana Jones, and Arrival, to figure out the best narrative. We wanted to captivate the viewer's attention by tapping into our collective movie memory, so the viewer knows instantly what the story is about. For style references, we looked at popular animated streaming shows for inspiration, and also anime, and video games. We wanted to give each trailer its own look and feel. 

Process & Development

Based on actual use cases from within the KLM Tech & Data department, two scenarios fit for a movie trailer were distilled. 
Starting with storyboarding, we tried to capture each scene in iconic and cinematic shots. We designed and developed the main characters featured in our trailers, and created the worlds they inhabit, building all the objects and ingredients to match it. 
Next up was the animation process, using a combination of different techniques per trailer. Traditional cel animation combined with 3D projection mapping for Sentry, and for Cargo a combination of 3D character animation with some cel animated details. We could go all out and use all of the disciplines in our studio.

Client: KLM Strategy 
Agency: Kaliber Interactive 
Produced & Directed by: Woodwork 

Full credit list: Woodwork 
Director: Marvin Koppejan 
Producer: Gayle van Bochove 
Producer: Nina Fabel 
Art director: Roberto Andreu 
Art director: Ernst Noort 
Storyboard Artist: Maureen van Hout 
Illustrator / Lead Cel Animator: Hidde Maas
Illustrator / Cel Animator: Saverio Wielkens 
Illustrator / Cel Animator: Marleen van Dun 
3D artist: Aviv Tal 
3D artist: Lennard Goede 

Kaliber Creative Director: Hugo van de Hoef 
Creatie - Copy: Iris Holtkuile Creatie - 
Art Direction: Fabian Schulting 
Producer: Jody van Mourik 
Producer: Janine Freriks 
Producer: Annette Putman 

Shoot Producer: Jesse Broertjes 
D.O.P.: Kevin Kimman 
Second camera: Paco Kumar 
Gaffer: Dickie Bloemraad 
Sound: Roberto van Eijden 
Styling: Sjors Mercx 
Photography: Meis & Jip 
Editor: Diede van Vree 

Audio: THNDR music 
Music & sound design: Max Gramser (THNDR)
Music & sound design: Han Kerkhof (THNDR)
KLM - Up For It
Woodwork Amsterdam's profile
Woodwork Amsterdam


KLM - Up For It

KLM Recrutement film. A UFO is blocking the Amsterdam Air Space.