Makerscopes are rooted in the need to  provide children with deeper sense of connection with Wildlife by sparking initial interest. Intended to be a sustainable platform, it was developed with users in mind, through a series of school workshops and contact with the National Wildlife Trust the requirements and intent of the various elements were defined.
The proposed design challenges children to take control of their learning experience by teaching practical skills of making, fostering a closer connection with the natural environment, providing a platform for reciprocal learning.
Makerscopes are a series of a 3D printed compound Microscope, made  using disposable camera lenses, and intended as a cheap and accessible way for junior school classes to have a closer look at the natural world. The Makerscopes provide a crucial element of ownership. Built by children, their purpose is to teach practical skills of assembly and an experiential knowledge of how things work.
Makerscope instructions 
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