Mapping residencies is a semiannual magazine about contemporary art and artists' residencies all over the world.
The client asked us to design the magazine identity and the layout
based on the concept of the artists' expression inside the contemporary society, and how residencies help to spread it. 

The visual identity was realized based on the concept of the several connections between the artist, the artistic residencies and the city and countries where they act. 

The final result is a dynamic logo that evolve inside the publication,
being a milestone that helps readers to find information. 

Finally, we came up with a strong, rational graphic proposal broken
by intentional mistakes, where elements are fixed in a strong white space,
as a visual methafor of the blank space used in Art. 

Here you can appreciate how both characteristics live together in the same composition, and how, thanks to the generated errors the layout has irrational interventions that break the rules of composition.

Each issue will have a color palette based on two colors.
The first one is about New York and Long Island. 
The content talks about artists' experencies inside a residence
and how was the final result. 

Managing editors:
Raquel Cámara and Pablo M. López (Spain)
Art direction:
relajaelcoco (Spain) 
Beatriz Meseguer
Velino Text, S-L type and Aperçu
Issue nº1:
December-June 2014
Printed in Spain

You can buy Mapping Residencies online at:

English and Spanish version digital edition
Spanish version printed edition available. 
Mapping Residencies stand at Arco,
an international event about contemporary art. 
The magazine was presented during the last edition.