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Kreol / Font Family
A contemporary serif in three optical sizes.

The early years of the 19th century were a time of restlessness. In the midst of this revolutionary era, new typefaces emerged that were breaking from the norm and whose sole purpose was to attract attention. Kreol builds on this and bridges the gap between tradition and modernity. It is a refined and contemporary interpretation of an evergreen.

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For one week I’ll offer a 25% discount on each subfamily and and individual styles. Use the code NEW-RELEASE-KREOL-25 at checkout (valid until 09 October 2022).

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Kreol Type Specimen
Limited edition poster

Starting with the release of the Kreol family, I'll be releasing one font family each month over the course of the next eight months. For each release, I've teamed up with a design studio from around the world and asked them to create a poster. The posters are limited editions and free with every full family license purchase.

For the Kreol family, Holt Design from Australia designed a poster celebrating the release of the family. If you purchased a family license for one of the subfamilies (Display, Standard or Text) and you want to get a poster, please send a mail with the receipt and your contact details to

Design: Holt Design
Paper stock: Keaycolor China White, 120gms
Colours: Black, Silver
Format: 50x70cm

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Kreol / Font Family

Kreol / Font Family