Red Theme Pinball Game Park
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Red Theme Pinball Game Park

China Merchants Bank App has exceeded 100 million users! It is the earliest bank app with over 100 million users. This time, version 8.0 is no longer  a  simple financial app, but a warm and wealthy life app that connects 100 million people.
In  order  to  fully  take  care  of  the customer's understanding of the tonality of the entire film, we published three more detailed storyboards, and finally set the theme of the video as "open ecology", which is the biggest change in version 8.0 and a new pattern of the app.
But how should this matter of opening  be  interpreted?  So we start with the product itself and the user relationship. For products, its  openness  refers  to  extending from the wealth field to the life field, which produces a behavior that breaks boundaries; for users, its openness is the connection of usage scenarios, the connection between users and users. This is equivalent to the app leading billions of users into a new diverse world.

Red Theme Pinball Game Park
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