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    My recent ´Raw Wood Books´ projects .. /making-of
My recent ´Raw Wood Books´ project
Recently, I happened to come across a little local wood supplier store ..
and  .. got inspired by their beautiful pieces of raw wood they had there ...
Those wooden blocks laying there just called to be .. bound into a book.

Though using wood /wooden boards in bookbinding is no original idea of mine - at all - it´s actually very old - one of the oldest ancient book binding techniques in fact (along with clay and/or wax tables in the old antient times, used for first historic codices and/or also for some ´busines/accounting´ records, at those times ..)
.. and many contemporary bookbinders are getting back to those old ´wooden´ techniques, recently, too ...
I just couldn´t resist, though ..
And tried out, as well ..
And loved it.
Raw wood .. and working with it .. is simply beautiful.