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    All from scratch to ideas, art direction, photography and retouching. Images for music album of White Fox Society.
Photography and logo design for album design of the band White Fox Society. The art direction was made by me and my team. I read somewhere in psychology books that when peoples have a mask to hide their identity they would be totally honnest and most of all speak only truth. So the white fox woman symbolize this truth and the white bring the purety.
The music of white fox society bring two different layers, such one is very ambient and the other one is destruction. So this black and white symbols are perfect to express visually this music. I'll had more info later on this projet, but right now it's not finish there is lot more going on.
The moment we were working on this project an important ecological desaster happen near us. This was a huge oil spill in Lac Mégantic. This event lead us to see our society was cover by dirt and oil spill. It's not something new, but when you see this kind of thing happen, this truly inspire you. We then choose to have another woman, but this one is black, dark and cover with filty oil. She have a mask but the way we made it is more about a predator face with feather then an actual mask.