“F. Phil Pratico Jewelers”

Phil Pratico Jewelers is one of our clients in Hamilton, New Jersey. The company has delivery fine quality jewelry and serve the community since 1952. I worked closely with the business in creating a custom website that captures current web standards.  The website was created as a static dynamic website without any e-commerce.  The focus was to have information in images relating to the business and most important of all SEO content for local and regional search.  Which work out very well I must add, we took photos, editing older photos, did some prints content, and was a great experience.

Interactive gallery, Jewelry products added on an interactive page, images selection reflecting type of brand.
Production: 9/25/2012
Duration: One week,
Client: Pratico Jeweler's
Project type: Web design

Pratico Jewelry website
Pratico Jewelry website, mock-up design layout......
Early Interactive mock-up design, the home page, a quick access to information about necessary products and brands at Pratico Jewelry.