“Interactive Custom Website”

Renovatio Three-D custom interactive website was created to demonstrate current standards at the time. The website was created in Adobe Flash, along side Photoshop and Dreamweaver utilizing action script 3.0. An interactive selection base website where the computer mouse event listener is the trigger,  and whereby each slide holds a relevant content of information on the mouse event and click for access to that information. A large majority of the graphic images were vectored base images. The website then merged with HTML contents for SEO purposes. An interesting concept at the time, really.

Production: 3/1/2013
Duration: Two weeks, code in Flash, Actioscript 3.0
Client: Self, Renovatio3d.com
Project type: Website interactive design
Link: http://studiorenovatio.com/_sn3d/renovatio3d.html
A look into the page before clicking. 
Quick access to each page, in this cas 2D Slide
Graphic and Website pages layout design, Within each slide are the necessary content that is relevant to that of that slide. 
Access to Website Slide