Kensington Talmadge Community Logo & Website

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  • This logo was created pro bono for the Kensington Talmadge Community Association of San Diego, CA. 
    The typography and style of the word "Kensington" is derived from the neighborhood's iconic sign above their downtown's main thouroughfare. The "G" in "Kensington" and the "g" in "Talmadge" are custom letterforms.The colors used are reminiscent of the 1940s when the association was formed. The lamppost is an iconic symbol in both the Kensington and Talmadge neighborhoods, but primarily representative of the Talmadge gates leading into the community. 
    The logo was designed to fit into the context of surrounding communities' logos with the circular, seal-like design and the incorporation of the street sign, but also to stand out as a more classic, sophisticated mark - staying true to the unique heritage of the neighborhoods.
    A new website was also created. See
    This fully custom Wordpress theme was designed to allow the KenTal board to easily post blogs about upcoming events or news. The site allows community members to connect via multiple channels and provides an easy, online way to join the association and/or RSVP for events.