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    Back in 1991, we actually had to tell people why they needed cell phones.
Hard to believe now, but in 1991, hardly anybody had a cell phone. Those that did were stigmatized as poseurs and jerks. So our assignment was to show folks why having a cell phone was a good thing, and convince them that "nice people have cell phones too."
As part of the assignment, we had to use the tagline, "Imagine no limits." Which was ridiculous, because back then the cellular coverage network wasn't even close to limitless. And our production budget was pretty limiting too. One day Paul Meyer walked into my office with a script that began, "IMAGINE... you're a flamingo." My initial reaction was, "IMAGINE... we're fired." But our boss loved it. And the client bought it. We assembled a bunch of sky backdrops and a troupe of improv actors, and cranked out 12 commercials in three days. Good times.
Agency: Leo Burnett
Creative Director: John Eding
Art Director: Mike Coffin
Writer: Paul Meyer
Director: John Francis