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    Organic and paid Facebook campaigns drove website and blog traffic, online sales and engagement.
As an April Fool's hoax, we created MouseVolt, a battery pack powered by mice. With only 12,000 page fans at the time, we reached 1/3 of them organically and received more than 20 shares without any spend. Watch the video.
How long does it take to apply a screen protector? Less than it takes to crack an egg. With a $50 spend on Facebook, I was able to reach more than 8,000 people and more than 1,000 video plays. Watch the video.
In a video idea that sprang out of office experimentation (and fun), we bounced a golf ball off our glass screen protector, recording the test from the perspective of the iPhone. The video was uploaded directly to Facebook and proved to be a popular post with nearly 300 video plays, reaching more than 3,000, all organically (unpaid). Watch the video.
As Facebook has evolved as an advertising platform, it has devolved as a free marketing tool. While most of Moshi's Facebook strategy is not paid, an occasional post has the potential to reach 90% of page followers. Moshi had 13,000 page followers at the time.
When sharing blog content on Facebook, it's all about the curation: write a snappy intro above the image and a compelling headline, and people start talking...and clicking. Read the post.
For $50 in ad spend, more than 500 people played Moshi's lifestyle video announcing the launch of new commuter bags. Watch the video.
A promoted blog post with clever curation yielded 250 visits to the Moshi blog, Current. Read the post.
The launch of iPhone 6 accessories was highly anticipated so it didn't take much to get 500 visitors and $1,000 of sales in 24 hours from this Facebook post.