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    Posters for Designer's Type
Sciencewerk invited me to submit some posters for their Designer's Type project! They have assigned typefaces to different kinds of designers. I chose Hardworking Jack - Meta Plus / Lazy - Helvetica Neue & Design Motivator - ITC Caslon 224. The idea was to come up with a quote or story for the different subjects and posters.

The Ways of The Lazy Designer

In my opinion, designers are very hardworking people. Every little detail counts however the lazy designer will have to be the opposite of any of that. I do not really consider him to be an actual designer but rather he thinks of himself as such. There used to be a few of them in my school hence this is based 
off their behavior.

Exploration and the fear of failing work hand in hand. Often designers choose not to explore unknown zones in fear that they will end up with a failed outcome. However, if designers choose not to explore then they will stay stagnant in their comfort zone. I find this to be very troubling because there is a joy and thrill when one ventures into the unknown. Often it comes with a pleasant surprise and a great sense of achievement. Failing on the other hand, is not as bad and painful as it looks. Rather, It is a messenger of improvement and guides you to solve issues. Hence, take that first step to explore and enjoy every moment of the journey. There is a great surprise waiting for you at the end of it.
Sadly, the honest truth is I am not smart. A lot of people advised me to work smart and this proves to be troubling. If you are not smart, how do you even work smart? However, I work very hard to achieve what I want to and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction.