Look At Me is a daily online magazine for people who are deeply interested in culture: trendsetters, heroes of the creative economy, young professionals, representatives of the creative industries, opinion-leaders.
Since May 2013 Look At Me reports about the secrets of various professions; how creative processes are organized, where to get a second degree and behind which technical innovations lies the future. 
Art Director: Denis Sharypin
Illustrator: Andrey Smirny
Staff writers and editors were scanned, 3D-printed and given a brain computer interface
25 selected covers for features
The photoguide was created by Art Director and was used by protographers for furhter work. There some results.
For heading "Icons of Age" we created special illustration style. And Andrey drew beautiful portraits of genius people. 
John Baldessari
宮崎 駿
Paul Rand
Aaron Swartz
And more
Selected feature layouts
Heading "How to build a team for your project"
You need 8 people to build a team for creating mobile games
You need 10 people to buid a team for creating internet radio
Selected from "Workplace"
AA, London
Fabrica, Treviso, Italy
nVidia, Moscow
Wowhaus, Moscow
Lifehack is the most popular heading
Thanks to the whole team
Editor-in-chief: Daniel Trabun; Deputy Editor: Margarita Popova; Editors: Anna Savina, Artem Luchko, Oleg Akbarov, Dasha Abramova; Photo Editors: Andrey Gerasimchuk, Sergey Ivanyutin; Senior Feature Designer: Nikita Treptsov; Junior Feature Designer: Tim Treptsov.
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